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Help create and maintain the Garden Club's online presence.  If you can type an email or edit a text document, then you can help with the website!  New members are always welcome to join this committee.  Contact a committee member to find out how you might help with this effort.
Regarding Collaboration and Writing Comments on This Website
Please note that only persons who have been invited to "join" this website will be able to edit the site's pages or leave comments.  In order to be a member of the site, one must also have an email address with a gmail dot com extension.  If you still wish to become a member of the site, please send an email to BVGardenClub at gmail dot com from your gmail dot com email address expressing your desires.  Comments can always be emailed to the BVGardenClub at gmail dot com address from any email address.  We appreciate your feedback and thanks for your patience with this process.