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2008 Flower Show

The Bella Vista Garden Club presented a Standard Flower Show on June 7, 2008 at the Bella Vista Community Church, selected for its convenient location, appropriate size and excellent natural lighting.  This is the third consecutive Standard Flower Show that we have held that has won State, Regional and National NGC Awards.

"Lazy Daisy Summer" was the title of this light-hearted look at summer fun, interpreted through design, horticulture and seasonal staging.  Decorative plants and nostalgic themed vignettes brought summer into our showroom.  Each of the 9 Design Classes was preceded by a vignette displaying a descriptive card, which informed visitors about the type and subject of the designs they were about to view, with 36 entries presented.

The daisy theme of the show was woven throughout, from a daisy banner at the entry, a creative daisy arrangement near the guest book and daisies used in the vignettes and in centerpieces on the serving and dining tables.  A picnic atmosphere was created by a daisy quilt and vintage summer sports items placed beneath a large patio umbrella in the center of the hospitality area.  Daisy cookies were served with summer fruits and iced tea, accompanied by summer classics on the piano.

BCGC Flower Show Exhibits 2008