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The first and oldest organized garden club in the United States is the Ladies' Garden Club of Athens, Georgia.  It started in 1891 
with a gathering of twelve women friends who shared plants and plant cuttings.  It was formally organized the following year.  
Since then the Garden Club movement has grown into almost every community in the land.  
The Bella Vista Garden Club was organized and Federated in 1972 and has documented it's history diligently since then.

The Historian creates a scrapbook
using applicable pictures and articles to illustrate the year's garden club activities, fund-raising events and programs. The book may be entered for an AFGC award and is eventually archived at the Bella Vista Museum on Highway 71.

Starting in 2017 Dori Hammeke created the  digital history book being enjoyed by a club member (right).  

Minutes, financial records, awards and yearbooks since 1972 are located at the Bella Vista Museum.