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Library Designs

Floral arrangements in unexpected places liven up a room.  The Designs placed in a sitting/reading area
of the Bella Vista Public L
ibrary have been well received by patrons.   
They are also good publicity for the BVGC and are another Community Service we love to provide.

Each month a member of the BVGC creates a floral arrangement to be displayed at the Bella Vista Public Library.  
While we attempt to utilize live or dried plant material whenever possible, silk flowers may be used
as the arrangement is on display for one month. 

The arrangements are to be at the library on the 1st of each month and picked up the last day of the month.  
Thanks to all who volunteered to create these beautiful arrangements to share with our library visitors.

March 2020
Created by
Mary O'Brien

Past year's designs and the names of the members who provided them 
are found in the BVGC Archive.