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Mentor Program

This page has been moved to the Welcome Committee page.
The club's Mentor Program exists to help new members learn about club activities
as well as to further extend our presidents' passions to make new members feel welcome and comfortable. 

Please call Mary O'Brien if you want to be a Mentor.

New members are given Instructions on how to view the BV Garden Club Activities Video on this website.  It explains the activities of the Club and our numerous committees.  Mentors also contact new members to personally invite them to club meetings and then sit with them at these meetings. They may offer tips or advice on how to garden in Bella Vista's rocky soil.

The program would like to thank all club members who have volunteered to be mentors!  There's just one major problem ... there are already more new members than mentors!  We ask club members to consider adding their names to our list ... PLEASE!  This important program won't take too much of your time and you don't even have to go anywhere to do it. There is even a "job description" to guide you in this role.  Call Mary O'Brien to sign up.