2022 BVGC TV Program

All programs are hosted by Geri Hoerner unless otherwise stated and include a specific topic along with upcoming gardening events and what to do in your garden for the month.

The January 2022 Program guest is Brenda Anderson, current Vice President of Administration of the Benton County Master Gardeners. The topic of the show is Garden Dreaming and Planning and now is the time to plan changes and additions to your garden to make it more like your dream garden. Several reference books and catalogs are shown that are good resources. Various catalogs and websites are shown where you can determine each plant's needs such as Zone rating, sun or shade, moisture needs and other information unique to that plant.

The February 2022 Program guest is Tony LiCausi, member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and a Benton County Master Gardener. The topic of the show is Garden Tools - Tried and True and examples of basic tools that are needed in the garden are shown. Types of shovels and their uses are discussed and examples of the most needed tools are demonstrated. Purchasing good, strong tools will be more economical in the long run than cheaper tools that won't last. Some tools shown have been used for many, many years with good maintenance.

The March 2022 Program guest is Laura Brewer, a Benton County Master Gardener and Site Manager at Peel Mansion and Botanical Garden. The topic of the show is Preparing for Pollinators and pictures of many pollinator plants are shown that attract bees, butterflies, wasps and other pollinators to your garden. Some can be grown from seed or purchased at their plant sales or other local sales. There are also flowering trees at Peel such as Apple, Redbud, Lilac, Golden Current and St. John's Wort. This is a good time to start planning what you want to add to your garden.

The April 2022 Program guest is Barb Templin, member of the Bella Vista Garden Club. The topic of the show is Creative Containers and pictures of various types of unusual container are shown including vintage or antique items, gutters, pipes, toy trucks, washtubs, rocks and tree stumps. Also shown are examples of items that can be found at flea markets or garage sales that which would make good containers to add some whimsy to your garden.

The May 2022 Program guest is Janet Carson, retired extension horticulture specialist with the University Of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service and was the state coordinator the the Master Gardeners. She is also an author and columnist. The topic of the show is Garden Inspirations from Travel and photos of gardens around the world that she has visited are shown together with a variety of garden styles and cultural differences. So much can be learned when traveling when you delve into how plants are used and combined. Every area is different and beautiful their own way and you can bring some ideas home to use in your garden.