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Spring Luncheon
The Annual Spring Luncheon was held at the
Mason-Dixon Cafe in the Highlands Club House
on June 1, 2016. 

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Fun was had by all.

New Officers:  Dorothy Sandoval, 2nd VP; Char Brunje, Assistant Treasurer; Linda Neymeyer, Secretary; Judy Jeffrey, 1st VP; and Tony LiCausi, President.  Not shown: Betty Boling Stull, Assistant 2nd VP; Karen Welch, Treasurer; Barb Templin, Assistant Secretary; and
Kate Pilarski, Parliamentarian.

Spring Trip
Garvan Gardens
in Hot Springs

May 17 - 18, 2016

Lots of fun was had by all.

Next Meeting September 28, 2016
See you there?


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Farmers Market
BVGC will have a booth at the Bella Vista Farmers Market every 3rd Sunday for the rest of this year.

Check it Out!!!

The Garden Party held on
June 10th was a huge success!!!

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Video of the Garden Party CLICK HERE


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Caladium 'x hortulanum' with it's fancy green/red/pink leaves.




The web worms are back but don't panic.

The worms will not kill the tree unless it is totally covered and the tree is extremely stressed. Just puncture the web with a rake or pole and the wasps will take care of the worms. If the web is too high to reach, a pellet gun can work to open the web.


    • Water, water, water!  Monitor how much water you are applying by placing a small container in the lawn area; the goal is 1.5 inches per week.  
    • Water early in the morning before plants get heat stressed.
    • After this month, stop applying nitrogen fertilizer to azaleas and other shrubs.
    • Spot treat weeds in lawns.
    • Treat crapemyrtles with Bonide Systemic Insect Control after blooming ends to protect against and treat for Crapemyrtle Bark Scale.


    • As the weather cools, the time for cool season annuals arrives!  Remove summer color and work the soil, amending as needed, and plant your fall color.
    • Fertilize your lawn areas but be sure to water well beforehand and then lightly afterward.
    • Treat for grubs again.