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Spring Plant Sale

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Wide variety of select perennials, herbs, native plants, shrubs and trees grown in local gardens.  

All at low prices.

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April Meeting

Main Speaker - Dawn Denton (top left)
from Plants by You and Me
Easy to grow plants:
American Beauty Berry, Tardiva Hydrangea,
Fireworks Golden Rod,
Shasta Crazy Daisy and Others

Artistic Design - Mary Doyle (bottom left) 

Upcoming Events

June 19th & 20th

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Gardens and Grasshoppers: Kids Guide to Insects 
Loads of information for kids and adults 
suggested by website visitor Lauren.

A source of organic gardening inspiration by
Margaret Roach, head gardener.
Also, New Links have been added to
National Wildlife Federation

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What to do in Your Garden Now

It's time to trim Crape Myrtles
Here is a link to a video from the
U of A with Dr. Jim Robbins
showing the correct way