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Fall Plant Sale

Just want to thank everybody who helped with the plant sale and helped with everything that was done to prepare for the sale.   Lots of people showed up to help unload the mums.  All the people who helped with the sale today, every little thing, and big things that you helped with is much appreciated.  

We connected with a lot of people today, letting them know what Bella Vista Garden Club is all about.   I will give you a update later on the outcome of the sale.

Debbie Edmunds,
Plant Sale Chairman


September 26th, 2018 Meeting

Bella Vista Garden Club Dorothy Wallace
Scholarships Awarded
Scholarship Recipients, William Samuels and Garrett Toelle with Scholarship Committee Members (left to right) Virginia Halman, Marilyn Russell, Judi Shannon, and Club President, Judy Jeffery.

The Moms of both recipients were welcome guests at the meeting.

The Club was proud to award this years $4,000 scholarships to two veterans attending the University of Arkansas.

The 2018-2019 Yearbook was dedicated to hard working Virginia Halman.

Tony LaCausi took a survey on what topics the club members want information on in future horticulture segments.

Linda Neymeyer explained what Flower Shows are and how they benefit the community with the help of Ima Lu Lu (Janice Kennedy).  Members voted on whether to have another Flower Show in 2019.  Results will be announced at the next meeting.


will be 
October 24th at 11:00 a.m. 
at the
Bella Vista Community Church
75 E. Lancashire Boulevard, in Bella Vista

Club Members come get your free bag of
Bella Vista Daffodil Bulbs.




Congratulations Mary Giggy at 2 Breton Way, Bella Vista 72715

We need your nominations for the next
"Yard of the Month" 
Nominate any yard (private residence or business) that is above average in design and the way it is maintained.  We want to recognize yards that improve the overall look of our community.
CLICK HERE for the rules. 


2018 - 2019 Officers were installed at the April 2018 meeting by Judy Jeffrey who will remain president.  
The officers are as follows from left to right:
First Vice president: Ray Matkowski
Second Vice president: Val Courter
Assistant Second Vice president: Betty Boling-Stull
Secretary: Linda Neymeyer
Assistant Secretary: Barb Templin
Treasurer: Karen Welch
Assistant Treasurer: Beth Kastl (not present)


BVGC 2018 Awards

National Award Winner

Overall winner (all states), Radio and/or TV
for the 'Bella Vista Gardening' TV Program
This is a noteworthy achievement when you consider there are 5,000 garden clubs in the US and we placed as the overall winner!  

South Central Region Awards

Community Concern - 1st Place ($25)
Arbor Day Dedication - 2nd Place
Yearbook - 3rd Place

Arkansas Federation of 
Garden Clubs (AFGC) Awards

Garden Therapy – 2nd Place
Vera Key Horticulture Roll with Great Honor
Arbor Day – 1st Place ($25)
Publicity Press Book, Large Club ($25) – 
1st Place
Heritage Award – 1st Place ($25)
History Book, Large Club - 1st Place
Yearbook, Large Club - 1st Place
Horticulture Roll with with Great Honor -
 2nd Place
Standard of Excellence with Great Honor

AFGC Youth Awards

Bird Contest, Best in Show - $25 each
5 th Grade – Harshith Guruda, BVGC
7 th Grade – Finely Shaw – BVGC
8 th Grade – Hailey Balwin – BVGC

Creativity Award
12 th Grade – M. Bramel – BVGC
12 th Grade – K. Garret - BVGC

Join or renew your BVGC membership.
All the Club's videos including the newest "Gardening in Bella Vista" video are on Youtube CLICK HERE



Eye-Popping 'Bernadette Yellow' Mums
  •    Annuals & Herbs - Annuals and Herbs like basil will be fading fast in October. Enjoy their last blooms and make herb vinegar or oil or dry herbs for winter cooking. You can plant winter annuals like pansies and kale in October.
  •     Tropicals & Houseplants - The first frost date could be early October so tropicals should be brought in when the nightime temperatures start to dip down to 48 or so. Move pots of caladiums indoors or pull them before foliage completely disappears. Spray with insecticidal soap so you do not bring any unwanted critters in the house.
  •     Perennials - Mums should be blooming. Add more mums to your garden where you need fall color. Finish planting perennials and remember to mulch them.
  •     Bulbs & Iris - Buy bulbs now for best selection. Plant crocus and daffodils after the soil has cooled. Plant in groups of odd numbers … at least five to seven. Start planting lily bulbs and tulips at the end of October. Plant or divide iris.
  •    Roses - Stop deadheading and let roses set rose hips. If new growth is encouraged it will be susceptible to freezing. If roses are too tall and will rock in the wind over the winter, cut them back to about 3 feet or so.
  •     Lawns - Apply fall pre-emergence herbicides, if needed, to control winter weeds. Seed fescue lawns or overseed existing lawns. Keep lawns free of fallen leaves.. they smother the grass. Lawns should be 2” high going into winter.
  •     Trees and Shrubs – October is a good month to plant trees and shrubs. Monitor water over the winter months.  Vegetables Enjoy the end of your harvest. Plant garlic in October to harvest next summer. Add organic matter to your beds to be ready for spring planting.

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