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The Spring Luncheon

Lots of members received awards.  
Full list is at the bottom of center column. More Photos in Club Buzz.

2018 GARDEN PARTY a Huge Success!

Hat Contest
Hope all of you are well rested this morning after pulling off a wonderful event yesterday.  There were nothing but positive comments all around.  The venue was beautiful, you all worked very hard and the guests were happy.  

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you.  We could not have done it without your help.  It was a great party and you should all be very proud.
Karen Welch & Beth Kastl, Co-Chairs

More Photos in Club Buzz

Cathy Wayson's Video of the Garden Party

Bella Vista Community TV's Video

Many thanks to Debbie Edmunds and her crew who made and served all the wonderful appetizers for the party.  Our guests thoroughly enjoyed them all.

2018 Garden Party Recipes CLICK HERE

was a huge success

More Photos of Sale and Prep in Club Buzz.


will be 
September 26th at 11:00 a.m. 
at the
Bella Vista Community Church
75 E. Lancashire Boulevard, in Bella Vista




We need your nominations for the next
"Yard of the Month" 
Nominate any yard (private residence or business) that is above average in design and the way it is maintained.  We want to recognize yards that improve the overall look of the community.
CLICK HERE for the rules. 


2018 - 2019 Officers were installed at the April 2018 meeting by Judy Jeffrey who will remain president.  
The officers are as follows from left to right:
First Vice president: Ray Matkowski
Second Vice president: Val Courter
Assistant Second Vice president: Betty Boling-Stull
Secretary: Linda Neymeyer
Assistant Secretary: Barb Templin
Treasurer: Karen Welch
Assistant Treasurer: Beth Kastl (not present)

BVGC 2018 Awards

National Award Winner

Overall winner (all states), Radio and/or TV
for the 'Bella Vista Gardening' TV Program
This is a noteworthy achievement when you consider there are 5,000 garden clubs in the US and we placed as the overall winner!  

South Central Region Awards

Community Concern - 1st Place ($25)
Arbor Day Dedication - 2nd Place
Yearbook - 3rd Place

Arkansas Federation of 
Garden Clubs (AFGC) Awards

Garden Therapy – 2nd Place
Vera Key Horticulture Roll with Great Honor
Arbor Day – 1st Place ($25)
Publicity Press Book, Large Club ($25) – 
1st Place
Heritage Award – 1st Place ($25)
History Book, Large Club - 1st Place
Yearbook, Large Club - 1st Place
Horticulture Roll with with Great Honor -
 2nd Place
Standard of Excellence with Great Honor

AFGC Youth Awards

Bird Contest, Best in Show - $25 each
5 th Grade – Harshith Guruda, BVGC
7 th Grade – Finely Shaw – BVGC
8 th Grade – Hailey Balwin – BVGC

Creativity Award
12 th Grade – M. Bramel – BVGC
12 th Grade – K. Garret - BVGC

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All the Club's videos including the newest "Gardening in Bella Vista" video are on Youtube CLICK HERE

Shocking Purple 'Thomas Edison' Dinner Plate Dahlia

 ·       Annuals & Herbs - Keep deadheading often for continued bloom and continue to fertilize in September. Think about whether you want to save plants or seeds from the garden for next year. Dry herbs for cooking in the winter months.

·       Perennials - Deadhead blooms on perennials and divide those that are overcrowded. Now is a good time to divide spring-blooming perennials, iris and peonies. Many perennials benefit from fall planting because they have time to grow some roots and get established. Mums should be blooming and add more mums to your garden where you need fall color. Watch for water needs. Hostas and daylilies can be divided in fall or spring, but doing it in the fall ensures they have time to get established. Plants divided in spring can look disheveled in comparison.

·       Roses - The few Japanese Beetles we had this year are gone by now and there should be a new flush of blooms for the next few months. Keep deadheading and checking for black spot but stop fertilizing after early September.

·       Lawns Lawns - require a deep watering of at least one inch weekly. Late September is a good time to over-seed fescue lawns. Freezing seeds for a few days helps germination. Apply fall pre-emergence herbicides to control winter weeds later in September.

·       Trees and Shrubs – Trees and shrubs can be planted later in September when the weather cools. Fall planting is most successful because the plant’s energy goes into root growth. Replenish mulch around trees and shrubs leaving an inch or two from the truck or stem.

·       Vegetables As the weather starts to cool down we may get some vegetables to harvest. You can plant turnips, mustard, spinach, lettuce and radishes until mid September. Probably the most important thing you can do to keep diseases and pests controlled in your vegetable garden next year is a thorough clean-up now. Remove all old leaves and stems. Pull out your tomato plants and put them in the trash – not your compost pile. Don’t forget to rotate your crops.

·       Invasive plants This is a good time to spray and kill invasive plants such as poison ivy, bush honeysuckle and privet. Why? Because in the fall all plants turn their energy to their major trunks, stems and roots, causing the plant to absorb and digest the herbicide quickly.

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