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March 22, 2017 Meeting
Program:  Leon Wehmeyer, Bella Vista Bluebird Association - "Bluebirds in Bella Vista"
Artistic Design:  Floral Design Committee – 
“Flower Arranging Designs” with Linda Neymeyer
Horticulture:  Lou Jasper - "Spring Things"
Special Meatloaf Luncheon was enjoyed by Club Members.
President and Judge, Tony LiCausi, awarded a bluebird house to Dagmar Roeder for having the best meatloaf. 


New Link: How to Really Save the Bees - The lead story on the home page is all about bees – lots I didn’t know (forget the hives, just make them at home in your yard – see “maternity ward” subhead).  Terrific video at the end, too.  
New Link:  Houseplants - ASPCA - This site lists Toxic and Non-Toxic plants that can affect your dogs, cats or horses.
New Link Now Available (in Beta Testing): Native Plant Finder that lists native plants specific to your area and the caterpillars that use them as host plants based on the research of Dr. Doug Tallamy.

Next Meeting - April 26, 2017
United Lutheran Church in Bella Vista 
Social Time - 11:00 am
Business meeting - 11:30 am
Program followed by light Lunch - 12:00 pm   
Program:  "Growing and Cooking with
Culinary Herbs"  - Dagmar Roeder  
Artistic Design:  Floral Design Committee -
“Flower Arranging”
Horticulture:  Marion Heath and 
Missy Stratton  -  "Herbs"

May 19, 2017
Tulsa Garden Center at Woodward Park
Trip includes guided tours and buffet lunch at
Travis Italian style mansion.
All events are within easy walking distance
and handicapped accessible.
The cost is $50 - pay Karen Welch as soon as possible.
Invite your friends and your spouse.

We need your nominations for
Yard of the Month!!!
CLICK HERE for the rules.  

The 11th Annual 
was held Friday, March 17th and was a great success
with great food and fun for all. 

See more info and photos in CLUB BUZZ 

First Robin of Spring Workshop
February 28, 2017 
was a Huge Success
See photos and details about this event in Club Buzz.


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The 'Bella Vista' Daffodils are blooming all over town!!

· Annuals - Sort through any old seed packets you have. Most are good for 2 to 3 years but sow on the generous side. Don’t plant annuals too early or you will be replanting. Beds Clean them out, do any clipping you missed in the fall. Delay and it will get the best of you (I know from experience!) 

· Bulbs - Plant gladiolas at two-week intervals for longer blooms. Fertilize tulips and daffodils with bone meal to increase flower size. Don’t cut foliage – just let it dye back.

· Houseplants - As growth resumes, start to fertilize again. It is much too early to move houseplants outside. Wait until nighttime temperatures are 50 degrees or more. 

· Lawns - Apply a pre-emergent for weed and crabgrass control by March 15th.

· Perennials - You can begin to divide summer and fall bloomers now. Fertilize peonies and wisteria with super phosphate. Be sure your ornamental grasses and liriope are cut back by mid March before new growth is too tall.

· Vegetables - Plant cabbage, kale, lettuce, peas, rutabaga, spinach and turnips. Onion sets can be planted later in the month. Start planting vegetable seeds like peppers, tomatoes indoors to be set out in 8 to 10 weeks.

· Trees and Shrubs - Keep monitoring the moisture and water if dry. Trees and shrubs can be planted now. Do not prune spring blooming shrubs or you will remove the flowers.