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Recycling in the Garden

Click to read a great article with lots of ideas on how to recycle in the garden!

Printer Cartridges
If you would like to recycle your empty printer cartridges with the club, we can get a credit toward needed office supplies like paper and ink cartridges. Just bring your empty cartridges (either black ocolor) to a BVGC club meeting. This is an easy and simple way to help offset club expenses!  Since we started this program we have recycled 1,050 cartridges and received $2,318.47 in credits as of June 2020!
If you shop at Office Depot and give them the phone number of 479-855-0169 for the Worklife Rewards we will get 5% back on paper, ink and copy services, 2% on everything else and $2 for each recycled cartridge (up to 10 per month) that can be used for our office supplies!!!  Please don't forget to give them our number (479-855-0169) because we must make a purchase of at least $10 each month to receive our credits for the recycled cartridges.  If you made a purchase and forget to give them your number, please call Geri Hoerner 855-0203 with your receipt information and she can get credit for your purchase that month.

Bella Vista Recycling
According to their website, "Bella Vista Recycling is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers."  They "operate as a community service of AARP Chapter 109."  All profits are returned to the community.  The center is open 24/7 and can be found at 400 Pinion Bluff Drive on 71 just north of the T H Rogers Hardware store. 

Materials collected:
  • #1 & #2 plastic
  • glass bottles and jars
  • aluminum cans
  • steel cans 
  • corrugated cardboard
  • chipboard
  • office paper & junk mail
  • newspaper
  • magazines
  • phone books
  • textiles
  • no soda or beer chipboard boxes (they contain too much glue)
  • no styrofoam
      1 gallon plastic pots will be saved for the garden club to pick up for use at our plant sales.
Bentonville Recycling
Bentonville's recycling program is "known as a "Single Sort" program that does not require you to sort your recyclable materials.  You merely place the recyclables in your recycling cart and place it at the curb.  All sorting is done at the recycling center.  How much easier could it get?  Bentonville residents can check out the details on their website.
Rogers Recycling
Roger's recycling program can be either curbside pick up or you can drop off items at their Recycling Center, 2300 N. Arkansas Street.  They accept the same items as Bella Vista Recycling plus the following items:
  •   clean aluminum foil and pie plates
  •   clean beaded styrofoam  (packing styrofoam only)
  •   plastics number 1-2 
  •   beer and soda chipboard boxes (they can accommodate the amount of glue)
You can save these items up and drop them off on your next trip to Rogers.  Check out the details and all the items they accept on their website.

Batteries should have the positive connection taped with masking or electrical tape to avoid the possibility of a fire if two batteries touch in your recycling box or bag.  Batteries can be recycled at several locations:
Batteries Plus Bulbs          (Located near Office Depot)
4500 W. Walnut Street
Battery Outfitters
2346 W. Hudson Road

Plastic Bags
Can be recycled at Walmart including the yellow plastic bags from your newspapers.