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The Club's officers serve a 2 year term.
Consider being an officer.  The club needs your expertise and ideas.

OFFICERS 2018 - 2019 Officers were installed at the April 2018 meeting by Judy Jeffrey who will remain president.  

The officers are as follows from left to right:
First Vice president: Ray Matkowski
Second Vice president: Val Courter
Assistant Second Vice president: Betty Boling-Stull
Secretary: Linda Neymeyer
Assistant Secretary: Barb Templin
Treasurer: Karen Welch
Assistant Treasurer: Beth Kastl (not present)

New Officers for 2017-2018...were installed by Nan Brown, former 
NW District Director, at the Spring Luncheon on June 7, 2017

Left to right:
Left to right:
Judy Jeffery, President 
Alycyn Culbertson, 1st Vice President (moved Sept.); JB Portillo (not present)
Dorothy Sandoval, 2nd Vice President (moved Oct.); Betty Boling-Stull
Betty Boling-Stull, Assistant 2nd Vice President (to Oct.); Val Courter (not present) 
Karen Welch, Treasurer 
Char Brunje, Assistant Treasurer 
Linda Neymeyer, Secretary 
Barb Templin, Assistant Treasurer 
Tony LiCausi, Parliamentarian.

Officers for 2016-2017...were installed by Geri Hoerner at the Spring Luncheon 
on June 1, 2016

Right to left:
President:  Tony LiCausi
First Vice President:  Judy Jeffery
Secretary:  Linda Neymeyer
Assistant Treasurer:  Char Brunje
Second Vice President:  Dorothy Sandoval
Assistant Second Vice President:  Betty Bolling Stull (not shown)
Assistant Secretary:  Barb Templin (not shown) 
Treasurer:  Karen Welch (not shown)
Parliamentarian:  Sue Beaty (not shown)

Charter Member

Last remaining Charter Member, Iola Elder, 1972, passed away in 2018.

Past Presidents

1972-74 Louella McAnelly
1974-76 Pat Cooper
1976-77 Marge Wilson
1977-79 Celeste Parks
1979-81 Mildred Graff
1981-83 Pauline Lindemood
1983-84 Orpha Bannister
1984-86 Julie Scott
1986-87 Marge Fisher
1987-89 Jean Wiig
1989-91 Dorothy Ernst
1991-93 Kathryn Kittrell
1993-95 Dorothy Wallace
1995-96 Dorothy Baranowski
1996-98 Meredith Janes
1998-2000 Wanda Schrader
2000-01 Jeanne Kee
2001-03 Vera Martin
2003-05 Beth Kastl
2005-07 Sue Beaty
2007-09 Mary Doyle
2009-11 Geri Hoerner
2011-13 Janice Kennedy
2013-15 Kate Pilarski
2015-17 Tony LiCausi

Officers for 2015-2016
.... were installed by Ima Lulu (aka - Janice Kennedy)
at the Spring Luncheon on June 3,2015

Front to back...left to right:
First Vice President:  Virginia Halman
President:  Tony LiCausi
Assistant Second Vice President:  Fran Fry
Assistant Treasurer:  Debbie Edmunds
Second Vice President:  Becca Mutz
Parliamentarian:  Kate Pilarski (planned) / Sue Beaty (actual)
Treasurer:  Karen Welch
Secretary:  Linda Neymeyer
Assistant Secretary:  Barb Templin (not shown) 

Officers for 2014 - 2015...were installed by Janice Kennedy at the Spring Luncheon on June 4th, 2014.

Right to left:
President: Kate Pilarski
First Vice President: JB Portillo
Second Vice President: Becka Mutz
Assistant Second Vice President: Fran Fry
Secretary: Linda Neymeyer
Assistant Secretary: Barb Templin
Treasurer: Carolyn Ford
Assistant Treasurer: Debbie Edmunds
Parliamentarian: Janice Kennedy