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2016 - 2017 Awards

BVGC received the following Arkansas  Federation of Garden Clubs (AFGC) Awards:
First place awards: Civic Beautification, National Garden Week, Publicity Press Book,

History Book - 1 year, Club Yearbook

Second place awards: Garden Therapy

AFGC Presidential Citation: “First Robin of Spring Workshop,” Tony LiCausi, BVGC

Individual Service Awards, Northwest District: Geri Hoerner, Linda Neymeyer

Bird Poster Contest Winners: four, first place; one, second place; one, third place winner

Vera Key Horticulture Roll with Great Honor

Standard of Excellence with Great Honor

BVGC received the following South Central Region (SCR) Awards:

First place awards: Press Book, Year Book, Garden Therapy and a $25 award for National Garden Week.

South Central Regional Director’s $300 Award for the Youth Butterfly Project.
(Member Alycyn Culbertson was given a ‘butterfly’ made from three one-hundred dollar bills on behalf of the club, in recognition of her work on this award.
She "flew" it to the treasurer.) 

BVGC received the following National Garden Club (NGC) Awards:

Award of Merit for the Press Book and a Certificate of Commendation for the Yearbook. 

The BVGC was declared Overall National Award Winner for National Garden Week for the 2016 
Art, Wine and Garden Party.
 Chair JB Portillo received a gift from the president in recognition of her work toward this high and rare honor.

in the Last Two Years

• Held ‘Duets in Bloom’ floral design exhibit

• Planned and Implemented the Daffodil planting 

• Put on Plant Sales and Card Parties with record  

• Improved landscaping at the Veteran’s Wall of Honor

• Participated in the 2016 AFGC/SCR Spring
  Conventions and attended 2017 AFGC/SCR Spring 
  Conventions, AFGC Mid-Year Board Meetings and
  AFGC North West Distict Meetings
• Arranged Club field trips to Garvin Gardens near 
  Hot Springs and to the Tulsa Garden Center

• Held the Art, Wine, and Garden Party during
  National Garden Week of 2016

• Staffed a booth at the Bella Vista Farmer’s Market

• Created propagation beds for 'Bella Vista' daffodil

• Acquired a new garden shed with tents and tables 
  for use during club projects

• Secured a grant which supplied garden tools from 
  Ames tools

• Implemented the Penny Pines tree planting project, 
  planting 400 trees

• Awarded $4000 in college scholarships for students
  of horticulture

• Amended Club bylaws to change the term of the 
  board members from one to two years; designated 
  the 'Bella Vista' daffodil as the club flower; 
  and designate the dogwood as the club tree

• Sponsored the 2017 Robin Porkowski Leadership 
  Workshop inviting all Arkansas Garden Club 
  Members and Master Gardeners

• Purchased 18 books on trees and horticulture and 
  donated them to the Bella Vista Public Library in 
  honor of Arbor Day 2017

• Changed to a digital format for the club history book

• Held an exhibit at a local art gallery for the art work of
  students entered in the 2016 AFGC Bird Poster 

• Developed a unique forest-scented BVGC candle

 Newly designed club polo shirts

 Held a meatloaf cook-off with a bluebird house
  installation for the winner

 Development of BVGC Facebook page

 Purchased a video projector for the club

 Revise dues structure

 Held shorter monthly meetings

• Arranged for a new, larger location for the monthly meeting's at the Bella Vista Community Church.


The next meeting of the Bella Vista Garden Club will be on Wednesday, September 27th
11:00 Social time, 11:30 Meeting begins
Bella Vista Community Church
75 E Lancashire Blvd, Bella Vista, AR


2017 - 2018 OFFICERS
Left to right, Judy Jeffery, President; Alycyn Culbertson, 1st Vice President; Dorothy Sandoval, 2nd Vice President; Betty Boling-Stull, Assistant 2nd Vice President; Karen Welch, Treasurer; Char Brunje, Assistant Treasurer; Linda Neymeyer, Secretary; Barb Templin, Assistant Treasurer, Tony LiCausi, Parliamentarian.

New Audubon Committee Video
on Youtube
Gallery show and reception honoring Bentonville Art Students who entered the Bird Poster Contest was held on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at TWO25 Gallery, Main Street, Bentonville. A video is now on Youtube showing many of the students' works of art. Marion Heath, Bella Vista Garden Club’s Audubon Committee Chairman describes the Bird Poster Art Contest and interviews some of the students. Video -

We need your nominations for
Yard of the Month!!!
CLICK HERE for the rules. 

at Lake Point Restaurant in Bella Vista on June 7th was a lot of fun...more photos: CLUB BUZZ

May 19, 2017
Tulsa Garden Center at Woodward Park was enjoyed by all who attended.  See more photos: Club Buzz


Wow! Wow! Wow! What a sale. Kudo's to all who helped. Starting with the committee Chair Alycyn Culberson and her tireless efforts of all the diggers and potters, labelers, pricers, etc.
More accolades and photos: CLUB BUZZ


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The newest "Gardening in Bella Vista" video is now on Youtube CLICK HERE


Pink Hardy Hibiscus 'Disco Belle Pink'

·         With the rain we have enjoyed through July we may have to be prepared to water well this month – but be sure to “water smart”. Conserve water by using drip systems or soaker hoses, and by watering in the early morning or evening. Water deeply – not too often. Remember, 2 to 3 inches of mulch helps retain moisture and keeps the plants cooler in the heat of the summer.

·         Annuals, Herbs and Perennials – Deadhead often for continued bloom. Remember to water before fertilizing so you don’t burn the roots. Pinch back to keep your plants from growing tall and spindly. Try making flavored oils and vinegars with your herbs.  Mums should have set their buds and will be blooming soon.  Deadhead blooms on perennials.  Watch for water needs.

·         Lawns -- Lawns require a deep watering of at least one inch weekly. Hold back on fertilizer during August. Raise your mower blades this month.

·         Roses -- Watch for aphids and fungus. Japanese beetles have not been very bad this yearfor some but others have had a heavy infestation.  Sprinkling corn meal around your roses will help keep disease down.  It is a natural fungucide.

·         Trees and Shrubs – Check evergreens for scale and bagworms webworms. Destroy bagworms by burning them in a bucket. The shrubs and trees planted this spring need ample water.

·         Vegetables -- You should be harvesting now but be sure to pick promptly for peak flavor and before the insects get the ripe ones.

New Link:  Butterfiles and Moths - A database website coordinates up-to-date information on lepidoptera.

New Link: How to Really Save the Bees - The lead story on the home page is all about bees – lots I didn’t know (forget the hives, just make them at home in your yard – see “maternity ward” subhead).  
Terrific video at the end too.  
New Link:  Houseplants - ASPCA - This site lists Toxic and Non-Toxic plants that can affect your dogs, cats or horses.
New Link Now Available (in Beta Testing): Native Plant Finder that lists native plants specific to your area and the caterpillars that use them as host plants based on the research of Dr. Doug Tallamy.