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The February 26th Meeting
Steve Dunlap, Arkansas Fish and Game Commission, presented a very informative and entertaining talk on "Birds and Snakes of AR" (left).  The Floral Arrangement which will be featured at the BV Library in March graced the refreshment table (top right).  Tony LiCausi gave a talk on "Lawn Care" (bottom right) and raffle Items were won by three happy Garden Club members.  One winner, Sonia Duane, (Center) is a new member.


NW District Meeting
Hosted by Bella Vista Garden Club 
Tuesday, October 1, 2019 

Brent Heath from Brent & Becky's Bulbs 
presented the program "Bulbs as Companion Plants"

and at the same location...

The Bella Vista Garden Club Presented
“Ozark Autumn Memories”
NGC Standard Flower Show
Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Judy Jeffrey, President of the BVGC; Linda Neymeyer, General Chairman of the Standard Flower Show; Geri Hoerner, Chairman of the NW District Meeting; and 
Brent Heath from Brent & Becky's Bulbs, Speaker.

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Video available on Youtube - CLICK HERE


Beautification Committee Update

I just came back from Dogwood golf course and marked locations for 25 pink azaleas, 15 white azaleas and 9 maiden hair grasses. Course management will dig the holes and we will schedule a work day to drop them in the ground. 

The pine trees we planted on #10 are looking good as well as the dogwoods, red-buds and Chinese 
lantern tree. More crepe-myrtle trees and red-buds are planed for later this spring.
The 2000 daffodil's we've planted are all up and should be in full bloom early next week.

Thanks to everyone who has helped in the past on our many city wide projects.  Little, by little, we're making our environment more pleasing.

Tony LiCausi, Chairman

Card Party is
All Money will be
It may be rescheduled in the Fall

The April meeting of the BVGC is
Given the uncertainty of the near future we are cancelling monthly meetings. An email has been sent to members about the following: the recommended slate of officers, the by-laws that have been updated, the minutes of the last meeting and the treasurer's report.  Please respond as directed in the email if you have any concerns.  If no objections or only a few are raised within the next 30 days, it will be recorded that all are approved.

Field Trip Scheduled in May is
A crowded bus trip and visiting a public arena does not seem to be in the best interest for the health of our members.  

 Spring Plant Sale
The committee is considering ways to have a sale with a different approach.  We will keep you apprised of any decisions.

Due to anticipated reduction in available revenues, none will be awarded this year.

June luncheon and Garden Extravaganza
These events are still a good two months away so there is some time to determine the best course of action.

I understand that I am asking you to conduct our business in a different manner.  It is my sincerest hope that given the above actions we will be able to continue as a vibrant club that cares deeply for each other and our community.

Judy Jeffrey


YARD OF THE MONTH will return in May

We need your nominations for a future
"Yard of the Month" 
Nominate any yard (private residence or business) that is above average in design and the way it is maintained.  We want to recognize yards that improve the overall look of our community.
CLICK HERE for the rules. 


New Link: Yard Care Guru - This site has a multitude of links of information and this link has the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Gardening with Kids.

New Link:  Consumers Base This site has A Comprehensive Guide to Container Gardening that is very informative along with other gardening information. 

New Link: University of Arkansas Yard and Garden - Pruning Crepe Myrtles - This page has information on pruning crepe myrtles and other links to more information on this plant.

New Link: Garden Smart TV - This site takes you to the Garden Smart TV programs shown on Public Television.

New Link:  Plant Care Today - This page of the site covers companion planting with tomatoes.  Other pages have more gardening information.

New Link: Ultimate Guide to Gardening Resources - This site is full of links with information on general gardening, planning a garden, educating children, indoor gardening, blogs and podcasts. 

New Link:  Butterfiles and Moths - A database website coordinates up-to-date information on lepidoptera.
New Link: How to Really Save the Bees - The lead story on the home page is all about bees – lots I didn’t know (forget the hives, just make them at home in your yard – see “maternity ward” subhead).  Terrific video at the end too.


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·         Humming Bird Feeders should be out April 1st - 4-1 ratio water to sugar – you do not need to add red food coloring to attract the hummingbirds

·         Spring cleanup - Time to get the leaves cleaned out, weeds pulled and mulch put on the beds.

·         Perennials - This is the month we go full speed ahead with planting perennials, trees and shrubs.

·         Annuals - Hold off on planting annuals and herbs until about the end of April or later. There still may be a few nights in the 40s and they just don’t like those cool nights. You can start to plant seeds once the ground has warmed up. Some years it is May before it is safe.

·         Bulbs - Be sure and leave the foliage on spring blooming bulbs until they turn brown or for at least six to eight weeks. The city if full of beautiful “Bella Vista” daffodils! You can plant dahlias late this month but be sure to mark them with a stake.

·         Houseplants - I know you want to get some of them outside ASAP but please wait until night temperatures are 50 degrees or more… you both will be happier.

·         Lawns - Don’t fertilize until about 2 weeks after green up. You need 1” of water each week.

·         Roses - New growth is shooting out. Fertilize established roses but be sure to water before and after. Watch for black spot and treat early.

·         Vegetables - Time to get the vegetable garden ready to plant with cool weather crops which can be planted from Feb-April - Lettuce, Kale, Greens, Peas, Turnips, Radishes some beans, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and many others who prefer the cool spring and fall weather.