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Beekeeping and Supplies

The Cooperative Extension Service is part of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture and provides research-based information to the people of Arkansas.  If you have questions or would like some information about honey bees or beekeeping, contact your apiculture specialist:

     Jon Zawislak
     2301 S. University Avenue
     Little Rock, AR 72204

Beekeeping in Arkansas is regulated by the Arkansas State Plant Board.  Beekeepers are required by state law to register the locations or their bee hives.  There is no fee for hive registration and registered beekeepers are entitled to free apiary inspection services.  For more information or to register your hives, contact the Arkansas State Plant Board:

     Arkansas State Plant Board
     Apiary Section
     1 Natural Resource Drive
     Little Rock, AR 72205

Beekeeping Clubs
Arkansas has numerous local beekeeping associations.  These groups can be a great way to learn more about homey bees and get to know others in your area who share your fascination with them.  The Arkansas Beekeepers Association is a statewide organization open to all those with an interest in bees.  The ABA sponsors two great conferences each year to promote and support beekeeping in the Natural State.  For more information, or to find a local club near you, visit their website at

Beekeeping Supplies

Sources of Bees and Equipment in NW Arkansas

Creature Comforts Carpentry
Farmington, AR
Top bar beehives

Kessler Mountain Bee Farm
Fayetteville, AR
Queens, nucs, woodenware

David's Bee Supplies
Mountainburg, AR

Prepper Bee Supply
Garfield, AR
nucs & beekeeping supplies

Rockhouse Holler Farms
nucs & beekeeping supplies