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Committees - List of All Members

Names in blue not finalized.

Special Committees 2019 – 2020


Tony LiCausi – Chair  479–876–2121

BV Cemetery

Mary Doyle – Co-Chair   479-876-5342

Patti Brierly – Co-Chair  918-639-3405


BVCTV Ch. 222      

Geri Hoerner – Chair   479–855–0203 

Char Brunje

JB Portillo

Barb Templin

Cathy Wayson


Blue Star Memorial/Hwy 71 Welcome Center

Ray Matkowski – Chair  479–276–1970

Gayle Hilgart

Tony LiCausi

Cathy Downard

Virginia Halman

Marla  Johnson-Ozbun


Card Party

Dory Hammeke  Chair   913-209-4623

Kitchen Coordinator – Dorothy Sandoval

Desserts: Marla Lytle

Sandwiches: Dagmar Roeder

Refrigerator: Cathy Downard

Sell Tickets: Carol Tabat

Sell Chances: Judy Jeffrey, Pat Schrad & Virginia Halman


Pat Schrad – Chair    563–340–7345


Plant Sales

Joal Miller – Co-Chair    716-553-5283

Cathy Downard – Co-chair     479-681-8100    

Virginia Halman – Co-chair     479-855-5875

Digging Committee – Teresa Mohling

Potting Committee – Kathy Woxland

Sand–bed Maintenance – Tony LiCausi

Greenhouse Committee – Peggy Stewart Furman

Container/Annual Pre–sell Committee – Kathy Allen/Val Courter

Publicity Chair–Stevie Stevens

Printing and Laminating – Dory Hammeke

Signs/Parking/Traffic – Bennie Nichols

Set–Up Day Committee – Dorothy Sandoval and Cathy Downard

Sale Day Committee – Dorothy Sandoval and Cathy Downard


Veterans Wall of Honor                                                 

Penny Frahm – Chair 479-250-9388

Cathie Whittenberger  - Co-chair

Tony LiCausi

Sue Beaty

Alycyn Culbertson

Cathy Downard

Kathy Fourt

Penny Frahm

Peggy Furman

Sylvia Hill

Deloris Jennings

Mary O'Brien


Yard of the Month

JB Portillo – Chair   479–268–8325

Standing Committees 2019– 2020

Arbor Day

Marion Heath  –  Chair  479–372–1100

Margaret Daum



Becky Fox  –  Co-Chair   479-855-7766

Dawn Redline    Co-Chair   479-366-6463

Cathy Wayson



Individual Committee Chairs may submit documentation for awards         



·         Artistic Design – Linda Neymeyer  479–855–0661

Char Brunje

Mary Doyle

Geri Hoerner

Deloris Jennings

Marsha Jertson

Beth Kastl

Anne Mathis

Lee Ann Robinson

Barb Templin

Karen Welch

 ·             Horticulture   Tony LiCaiso    479-876-2121


Garden Therapy    

Louise Wilson – Co-Chair   479–855–4946


Welcome (Mentor and Name Tags and Greeter)

Pat Schrad – Chair   563-340-7346


Library (Floral Display)                     

Pat Meyer – Chair    509-392-3430                              



Winnie Shanor – Chair  479–855–4683



Dory Hammeke  Chair 913-209-4623


1st VP Beth Kastl’s is responsible for the Scholarship Committee, process, etc

Virginia Halman – Chair  479-855-5875  

Marilyn Russell

Judi Shannon

Social Media

  • Website –  Carol Tabat (Chair)  262-442-9345
Cathy Wayson

Geri Hoerner

Cathy Downard

Nancy Bumgardner
  • Facebook – JB Portillo (Administrator) 479-268-8325

Ways and Means

Teresa Mohling – Chair   501-882-9491              

Marilyn Sprague – Co-Chair   936-446-0519


Cathy Wayson – Chair  479–876–6862

Judy Jefferey – Editor

Geri Hoerner – Proof Reader