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2014 BVGC TV Programs

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All programs are hosted by Geri Hoerner unless otherwise stated and include a specific topic along with upcoming gardening events and what to do in your garden for the month.

The January 2014 Program was not taped due to the bad weather experienced in NWA. The January 2013 Program was repeated on the broadcasts.

The February 2014 Program guest is Billy Towle, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the U of A, and currently working at Landscape Creations by S. Jasan.   Landscaping 101 is the topic discussed and the steps needed to achieve the desired results in your garden. Evaluation of site, cost estimates, planning in stages, finding a reputable landscaper, and maintenance issues are discussed.

The March 2014 Program is hosted by Fran Zimmermann and the guest is Tony LiCausi, Master Gardener and fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club. Weeding the Natural Way is the topic discussed. Alternatives to toxic chemicals, effective tools and mulching to control weeds in gardens and lawns are discussed.

The April 2014 Program guest is Corrin Troutman, Director of Operations at The Peel Compton Foundation and a member of the Bentonville Garden Club.  Peel and Compton Gardens and upcoming Plant Sales are discussed.  Plant Sales start in April and run into May with the Compton Garden Plant Sale on May 10.  Also the Benton County Master Gardeners are having a Lawn and Garden Expo with seminars, vendors and information tables along with a plant sale on May 3rd. 

The May 2014 Program guest is Fran Zimmermann, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club.  A Bloomin' Good Walk is the subject of discussion which is the name of the June Garden Walk sponsored by the Bella Vista Garden Club.  Several photos are shown of the gardens and although the pictures were taken in the fall, they still show little hint of what you will see in the gardens in the spring.  Plant sales in May were reviewed and a traveling exhibit coming to Compton Gardens of artist Linda Palmer renditions of the Arkansas Champion Trees across the state was also discussed.

The June 2014 Program is hosted by Fran Zimmermann and shows how Gardening with Kids can be fun and innovative just in time for the end of the school year.  Guest, Bella Vista Garden Club member, Char Brunje, shows her terrariums, mini-gardens, fairy gardens and lots of ways to introduce children to growing plants and learning more about nature.

The July 2014 Program guest is Lou Jasper, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and Benton County Master Gardener.  Water Features in the Garden is the subject of discussion and photos of  various water features from large and extensive to smaller and easy to incorporate into your garden are shown.  Plants to be used in water features are also shown and discussed along with local suppliers of water garden supplies. 

The August 2014 Program guest is Tony LiCausi, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and Benton County Master Gardener.  Public Gardens in Bella Vista is the subject of discussion which includes the Bella Vista Living Memory Garden at the BV County Club, the Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery, the Blue Star Memorial Garden at the Visitors' Center on Highway 71, the Veterans Wall of Honor and the American Legion Memorial POW-MIA Garden. Most of these gardens are maintained by the Bella Vista Garden Club.  Pictures of each garden are show and the history and importance of these gardens are discussed.

The September 2014 Program guest is Fran Zimmermann, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club.  Something Different for Fall Planting is the subject of discussion and photos of various unusual or unique bulbs and plants are shown.  Panolas, which are a cross between pansies and violas, are discussed along with plants and seeds that prefer to be divided or planted in the fall.  A "Take Root" video demonstrating how to separate and transplant a peony is shown. 

The October 2014 Program guest is Dawn Denton, fellow Benton County Master Gardener and owner of Gardens by You and Me.  Planting Trees and Shrubs in NWA is the subject of discussion and a power point program is presented to show which trees and shrubs do well in this area.  Dawn is also the author of several children's books that relate to gardens and little critters that you find in the garden. 

The November 2014 Program is hosted by Char Brunje and the guest is Becky Christenson, owner of ART, Inc. in Bentonville, AR.  The subject of the show is Nature Inspired Art and the Illinois River Watershed Project.  Photos of Becky's art that is inspired by nature are shown.  Also photos are shown of the Illinois River Watershed Learning Center cave that has been recreated by Becky along with various animals and critters that are found in an around caves and in the area.  A "Take Root" video explaining the difference between Daffodils, Jonquils and Narcissus is shown and examples of how to force bulbs is demonstrated. 

The December 2014 Program is hosted by Geri Hoerner and Fran Zimmermann.  The subject of the show is Gardening on the Web and various websites are shown that contain a wealth of gardening information starting with the Bella Vista Garden Club's site and includes those containing native plant information.  The websites discussed and shown are listed on the Club's website under Gardening Information - Links of Interest.