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2011 BVGC TV Programs

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All programs are hosted by Geri Hoerner unless otherwise stated and include a specific topic along with upcoming gardening events and what to do in your garden for the month.

The January 2011 Program guest is Vera Martin, Bella Vista Living Memory Garden Board Member. The history of the Bella Vista Living Memory Garden located across from the Bella Vista Country Club is discussed and a "Meet the Masters" segment featuring Benton County Master Gardener, Lorene Terry and her garden is shown.
The February 2011 Program guest is Marilyn Russell, Scholarship Committee Member.  The Dorothy Wallace Scholarship Program is discussed and a "Meet the Masters" segment featuring Benton County Master Gardener, Mary Ann Estes and her garden is shown. 
The March 2011 Program guest is Lisa Pittman, owner of From the Ground Up Nursery and fellow Bella Vista Garden Club Member.  Lisa discusses the Exciting New Plants on the Market that will be available at her nursery and a "Meet the Masters" segment featuring Benton County Master Gardener, Vicki Proffer and her garden is shown. 
The April 2011 Program guest is Tony LiCausi, Bella Vista Garden Club member, and we discuss the Upcoming Gardening Events including our Spring Plant Sale.  The "Meet the Masters" segment features Tony's garden as a sneak preview to the BVGC Garden Walk in June.
The May 2011 Program guest is Nancy Bumgardener, Co-Chairmen of the Bella Vista Garden Club Garden Walk.  Nancy discusses the BVGC Garden Walk and describes the 6 gardens and two nurseries on the tour.  Sherrie Eoff is featured in the "Meet the Masters" segment. 
The June 2011 Program guest is Holly Crowe, President of the Benton County Master Gardeners.  Holly discusses the projects the Benton County Master Gardeners are involved with and how to sign up for the classes that take place in January each year.  Vicki Halley is featured in the "Meet the Masters" segment.
The July 2011 Program guest is Corrin Troutman, Chief Horticulturist & Director of Foundation Gardens at Compton Gardens and the Peel House in Bentonville.  Corrin discusses the events and projects at Compton Gardens and Peel House Gardens and the trails adjoining Crystal Bridges. 
The August 2011 Program guest is Diane Cobb, Master Gardener and Bella Vista Garden Club member, and we discuss The National Wildlife Federation's Certified Wildlife Habitat Program.  Diane's garden has been certified and she covers the steps to be taken to have your garden certified also.  The "Meet the Masters" segment also features Diane's garden. 
The September 2011 Program guest is Janice Kennedy, incoming President of the Bella Vista Garden Club.  Janice discusses the Bella Vista Garden Club activities, projects and fund raisers and the plans for the coming year.
The October 2011 Program guest is Lou Jasper, Master Gardener and Bella Vista Garden Club member and we discuss Native Wildflowers, Trees and Shrubs.  A power point segment is shown that was prepared by Diane Cobb which illustrates native plants mostly located in her garden.
The November 2011 Program guest is Brian Grosnickle, Bella Vista Garden Club member.  Planting Blubs is the theme and planting bulbs in your garden and in pots to enjoy in your home is discussed.  John Stryker is featured in the "Meet the Masters" segment showing some of the thousands of bulbs John has planted, some of which are heirloom blubs he has brought with him from home to home over the years. 
The December 2011 Program guest is Linda Neymeyer, Bella Vista Garden Club member.  Holiday Decorating the Natural Way is demonstrated.  Examples of  how to make holiday decorations using materials from your garden, the woods nearby or from the grocery store produce department is shown.  Several arrangements were created and a several ways to preserve plant material was discussed.  Linda shared some of her creative floral techniques and how to add Christmas elements to Fall arrangements to make them do double duty.