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2020 BVGC TV Programs

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All programs are hosted by Geri Hoerner unless otherwise stated and include a specific topic along with upcoming gardening events and what to do in your garden for the month.

The January 2020 Program - No program was produced for January 2020 due to scheduling problems at the TV Station.

The February 2020 Program guest is JB Portillo, a member of the Bella Vista Garden Club, Benton County Master Gardeners and NW Arkansas Master Naturalist.  The topic of the show is Time to Order Plants, Bulbs and Seeds and things to take into consideration before ordering were discussed like the hardiness zone you live in, if they have any guarantees, the reputation of the nursery or seller, trying new varieties can add another dimension to your garden and where you will be planting all the things you order.  Combining your order with a friend can reduce your shipping costs and several nurseries that are favorites of some of our previous guests or contributors are given. You can also beautify your garden and support the Bella Vista Garden Club at the same time by ordering plants from Brent & Becky's Bulbs on our website link.

The March 2020 Program guest is Lou Jasper, a member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and also a Benton County Master Gardener.  The topic of the show is The Holly Family that have a large variety of plants to choose from to add to your landscape.  Photos were shown of the flowers which can tell whether the plant is a male or female. Only the female plants will produce berries and not all hollies produce berries.  Photos were shown of evergreen and deciduous varieties that have different leaf shapes and growth habits that can produce black, purple, red, orange or yellow  berries.  Also the native hollies are discussed and berries from the Possum Haw were shown.  

The April 2020 Program - No program was produced for April 2020 due to the Corona 19 Virus shut down.

The May 2020 Program guest is JB Portillo, a member of the Bella Vista Garden Club, Benton County Master Gardeners and NW Arkansas Master Naturalist.  The topic
of the show is Arkansas Diamond Plants which are annual plants that perform very well across the state chosen every year by a committee from the Arkansas Green Industry, the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service, local growers and independent garden centers.  This year they have chosen five annuals, three of which are summer annuals: Persian Shield, "Bandana White" Lantana, and "Solar Power Black Heart" ornamental sweet potato and two annuals for fall planting:  "Rose Pink" Pansies and "Glamour Red" Kale.  The Arkansas Diamond plants are identified with their logo and can be found at several local nurseries.  This the sixth year of the program and past annuals chosen can be found on the Arkansas Diamond Plant website.  Also discussed were the cancelled and rescheduled garden events sponsored by the Bella Vista Garden Club and the Benton County Master Gardeners.  

The June 2020 Program guest is Barb Templin, a member of the Bella Vista Garden Club.  The topic of the show is Rooting Azaleas and a Take Roots video, produced by Beth Strickland, a Benton County Master Gardener, is shown which demonstrates how to take azalea cuttings at this time of year, prepare them to root in pots and winter them over for planting the next year.  With her method, she had a 100% success rate.  Also the simple layering method is discussed and a picture of this method is shown and discussed.  These propagation methods are a good way to duplicate plants when you don't know the variety or that are hard to find for purchase locally.  Other shrubs that can be propagated in this mannor are discussed. 

The July 2020 Program guest is Butch Tetzlaff, owner of The Bluebird Shed in Bella Vista.  The topic of the show is Our Fine Feathered Friends and Butch, an ornithologist, shares so much information about birds in our gardens for insect control, the dramatic reduction of bird populations, how to attract more birds, best food to provide for specific birds, keeping them safe from predators, the monthly Backyard Bird Count he is tabulating, banding program of local birds and the Bella Vista Bluebird Society.