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Website Navigation Tips

Go To Home Page Quickly and Easily

Horizontal Navigation Bar with Drop Down Menus

Please note that the horizontal navigation bar at the top of every page contains some drop down menus with sub-pages listed for easier navigation.

Navigating Between Garden Club Google Sites

The Garden Club website information is shared between several Google sites. These include the original home google site, the member secure site, the Club Buzz site, the archives site, the 2010 Flower Show site, the 2012 Flower Show site and the 2012 NW District Meeting site. It is entirely possible that other Google sites will be added in the future.

Whenever you finds yourself on something other than the main BVGC home google site, locate the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page and click on "BVGC Home." You may also see a button on some of the web pages for "BVGC Home". By clicking that button, you will be returned to the main home google site.

Search for Information

There is a Magnifying Glass icon in the upper right hand corner on every page on each of our Google sites. This search only looks in the individual Google site where you are currently browsing. It can be a very useful tool!

Changing Text Size on the Website

Members can easily change the size of the website's text to suit their personal preference.

To increase the size of website text on a Windows PC, press the CTRL button and the key containing both the "+" and the "=" symbols at the SAME time. On an Apple/Macintosh PC, press the Command button and the Shift key and the key containing both the "+" and the "=" symbols at the SAME time. This would be useful if you want to try to read the website and don't have your reading glasses available.

To decrease the size of website text on a Windows PC, press the CTRL button and the "-" (hyphen or subtraction symbol) at the SAME time. On an Apple PC, press the Command button and the "-" (hyphen or subtraction symbol) at the SAME time. This might be useful if photos on a web page are overlapping text which you would like to read.

Text size can be adjusted as often or as little as one wishes.

Collapsible Text

Collapsible Text appears as a title with a " \/ " symbol to the right. Click on that symbol and the text will open revealing more information on that topic.

Image Carousel

Some pages have a photo that is really a carousel of photos. These will have small circles under them. Hover your cursor over the photo and right and/or left arrows will appear. Click on the arrows to advance the photos.

Log In to "Members Only" Secure Site Tips

Only registered BVGC members will be able to access the "Members Only" Secure Site. You have 2 log-in options:

1. To Log In Using "bvgcmember":

The generic user name used to log into the BVGC secure website is "bvgcmember".

The password is found on the first Membership Roster Page of your Yearbook.

If you need help, contact

2. To Log In Using Personal GMail Address:

If your household has a gmail address, send an email to to request access to the secure site with your personal gmail address. This is the preferred way to access the Members Only secure site.

If you are logged in to your gmail account prior to being granted access and try to go to the secure site, you will not be prompted to log in. Click the link that says "Request access" and follow those instructions. A BVGC Social Media Committee member will get back to you within 2 days.

NOTE: Personal email addresses from other email providers such as yahoo, cox, att or msn CANNOT be used to log in to the secure site. You must have a gmail address to request access for logging in to the secure site without using the Garden Club "generic" user name and password.

Working With Google Drive Documents

The BVGC Club stores files in Google Drive, such as Meeting Handouts and Committee Documents. To view a file (after clicking on a link which lists multiple files), click on the document icon or file name you want to view.

To view all information in a file, it may be necessary to click on the right and/or bottom scroll bars.

To close a file, click the X in the upper right corner of the screen.

To edit a file from the view screen, it will be necessary to click on the OPEN command at the top of the document. This should open the file in a window which shows all the menu commands for working with text and files.

Viewing Photos on the Website

Please note that photo slideshows are no longer available.

GC photos can be found in the "About Us" section in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Click on "Photos" and you will see all the "Google Albums" that the Club has created.

Click on the Album that interests you and then use the left and right arrows to scroll though the photos. Photos can be saved or printed by clicking your right mouse button when you are viewing a particular photo.

Return to the page that shows all albums with the arrow in the left hand corner. Your patience with this technology is greatly appreciated.

Social Media Committee - Who to Contact

Website Committee Responsibilities

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