Spring Luncheon

The Spring Luncheon is held in June at a local venue.  It includes a short meeting and installation of officers.

2019 Spring Luncheon

The Spring Luncheon was held on June 6th, 2019 at Lakepoint Restaurant, Bella Vista, AR. The Video of the Club's Accomplishments and Activities in 2018-19 was shown and is now available on Youtube.  Officers were installed and Betty Honn and Norma Rauch (not present) were awarded "Circle of Roses" 

2018 Spring Luncheon

Lots of members received awards. Mayor Christie joined the fun. We watched videos of the Garden Party and of the Club's Activities during the past year. 

2017 Spring Luncheon

The theme of the Luncheon was Fairy Gardens and each table sported an attractive Fairy Garden in a flat container. These were later given away as door prizes. The Luncheon was held at the newly remodeled Lake Point Event Center in Bella Vista. The Raffle items also featured Fairies. An attractive display showcased the many awards the club won in the last year. Other awards/gifts were given to deserving members. The new officers were installed and given garden tools that represented some of their duties. A video featuring highlights of Tony's term as President was shown and he was awarded the Past Presidents Pin and other gifts. Our new President outlined her goals for the coming year.

2016 Spring Luncheon

The Annual Spring Luncheon was held at the Mason-Dixon Cafe in the Highlands Club House on June 1, 2016. 

2015 Spring Luncheon

The BVGC Spring Luncheon was held in combination with the Spring Field Trip at Peel Mansion. We were taken back in time and the menu featured recipes from the past. Tours of the mansion and gardens, a hat contest were part of the activities. Installation of new officers rounded out the day.  

Winners of the hat contest were (left to right) Jerilyn Frentress, Linda Neymeyer, and Geri Hoerner. 

2014 Spring Luncheon 

The BVGC Spring Luncheon was held on June 4th, 2014 at Café Amici at the Bella Vista Country Club. Social time started at 11:00 a.m. with a short meeting at 11:30 a.m. followed by lunch. New officers were installed and special awards were given to some of the hard working members including Geri Hoerner. Another fun event.

Bella Vista Garden Club Acknowledges Geri Hoerner as a Great Volunteer!

2013 Spring Luncheon was held on June 6th, at The United Lutheran Church. It was catered by the Red Onion.  Social time 11am followed by a short meeting, installation of new officers and Awards.

Janice Presented Gifts to Some of the Hard Working Club Members

2012 Spring Luncheon

The Spring Luncheon was held at the Northwest Arkansas Community College.  Installation of officers was followed by a special Cupcake Award for Cathy Wayson...don't ask what that was about.

2011 Spring Luncheon

No info available

2010 Spring Luncheon

Members enjoyed a lovely lunch and entertainment at the Highland's Methodist Church on June 2, 2010. Four members were honored with an AFGC "Circle of Roses" designation recognizing 25 years or more of membership. Officers for the 2010-2011 year were also installed.

The honorees with President, Geri Hoerner, center.

Circle of Roses (left to right) Betty Ream - 30 years; Dotty Nelsen - 25 years; Geri Hoerner, Club President; Lorene Terry - 25 years; and Elaine Brubaker - 25 years. 

2009 Spring Luncheon

The luncheon was held at the Bella Vista Community Church.  A had contest was a highlight along with the installation of new officers.

Many Members Wore Hats

There will always be ladies who lunch.  Always.  And apparently they live a long time.

Elaine Stritch