Container Gardening

Container Gardening


Containers –

            1.  Terra Cota – porous so may need more frequent watering – made in Italy more expensive but lasts longer

            2.   Plastic – holds moisture and durable – avoid black since it will be


            3.  Polymers and foam base – may crumble over time but will hold


            4.   Must have drainage holes

            5.   Large containers can have fillers at the bottom (plastic water bottles, plastic peanuts, etc.) to save using so much soil and making the container lighter to move)


Soil –

            1.  Use a good soil mix

            2.  Avoid peat moss mix and some have fertilizer added


Amendments –

            1.  Add Osmocote or other slow release fertilizer

            2.  Add water storing crystals – holds moisture – reduces watering –

            contains synthetic polymers that do not dissolve – do not use too much


Plants –

            1.  Use plants that need the same or similar light requirements

            2.  Thriller – tall plants to give height

            3.  Fillers – one or two varieties to cover area around thriller

            4.  Spiller – cascading plants to flow out of pot


Mulch –

            1.  Cover soil with mulch (pine bark, leaf mulch, cedar mulch, etc.)

                  to retain water, avoid weeds

            2.  Sprinkle cyan pepper on top to discourage squirrels from digging 


Water –

            Use a moisture meter if you are not sure how moist the pot is before