The Awards Committee submits the paperwork for State, Regional and National Garden Club awards. In years where we did not have an Awards Committee, each committee chair submitted the paperwork.

BVGC 2019 - 20 Awards

We really wanted to surprise our award winners this year at an in person meeting but alas, it was not to be.

    • Karen Welch received the AFGC Turtle Award for being a first time blue ribbon winner at a Flower Show by the oldest garden club member applying in Arkansas. That certainly doesn't mean she is old but was the oldest member to receive a first time blue ribbon! That award had a $25 check which Karen, of course, is turning back to the Club. Thank you Karen.

    • Barb Templin received an Individual Service Award. This is given to an individual who gives and gives to her club. She is an officer and always can be counted on, in spades, to help with our projects. She also received a blue ribbon for her collage at the Flower Show which was slated to be exhibited at our AFGC August Meeting in Little Rock. Please bring the collage to our September meeting as everyone should have the opportunity to see the wonderful design.

    • The Fower Show, chaired by Linda Neymeyer, also amassed awards. National Garden Club (NGC) 1st place for Club Standard Flower Show, South Central Region (SCR) 1st place for Flower Show Schedule, Arkansas Federation of Garden Club (AFGC) 1st place for Standard Flower Show Sponsor ($25), 1st place for Flower Show Staging ($25) and 1st place for Flower Show Schedule ($25). Congratulations to Linda and all of her team that worked so hard to make the Flower Show a success.

    • Mary Doyle and her crew for the Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery as NGC runner-up for Preservation of Beauty.

    • Cathy Wayson achieved 2nd place for our Yearbook from AFGC.

    • A Certificate of Appreciation was awarded from NGC for our Social Media/Website.

Photos of some of the Club's many awards from previous years.

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