Community beautification is at the heart and soul of the Bella Vista Garden Club.

Below find some of the activities of the Beautification Committee.

Daffodil Planting November 14th, 2019

Thank you all so much for helping with the daffodil planting project this week!

The only thing left to do is wait until Spring! We had 25 people help on the project to plant 1,000 daffodils on the back 9 at Dogwood. Next spring we will be able to enjoy our 2nd year of color on the front 9 and our new daffs on the back 9.

Thanks to:

    • Scott Hanson and Paul Gomez and their staff for guidance and assistance.

    • Steve Vetter and Tony LiCausi for scouting the locations, plus marking and weed whacking the areas.

    • Dale Dyer for the use of his trailer.

    • John Nuttall and Tommy Tipton for pre-tilling 19 planting areas.

    • Garden Club Members for Planting: Pat Meyer, Kathy Woxland, Janice Grim and Deidre Cheney

    • FOD&B Members for planting: Bill Davis, Dale Dyer, Danni Sandidge, John & Jan Franklin, Julia Doverspike, Kevin McGee, Linda Lloyd, Penny Mosely, Steve Vetter, Susan Nuttall, Tony Licausi

    • All of the folks who sponsor & play in our tournament to raise the money for projects such as this.

Key Success Factors:

    • Suitable locations for planting

    • Preparing the areas in advance

    • Renting the tiller

    • Dividing into teams

    • People willing to come out in cold weather.

    • 3 new members of FOD&B: Julia Doverspike, Penny Mosely, Linda Lloyd

Upcoming Activities:

Fall - Planting remaining daffs on Brittany, FOD&B signing,

Spring - Spring Pruning & Cleaning of Beds, updating planting bed in parking lot, Relocating Redbuds & Crepe Myrtles, refresh bark chips in Hitting nets, refresh Monument Signs (grey signs on each hole)

I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.

Elsie De Wolf