Outdoor Decor & Water Features

The April 2011 Horticulture Exhibit from Diane Cobb included numerous ideas for outdoor decor. 

Imagine Your Garden

Gardens bring great pleasure, but we seldom enjoy them to the fullest. We spend hours potting, watering, weeding, pruning but very little time savoring the beauty we’ve created with nature. Trade your pruners for a cushion and relax amid the lush landscape and...Imagine...

Create inviting spaces that beckon you to explore and enjoy your garden.

Build a house and it is just a house until you fill it with your own possessions, then it becomes a home. 

A garden becomes a garden-room when you combine the comforts of home (seating, atmosphere-enhancing accessories, and cherished collections) with the infinite beauty of the natural world.

Creative Extras 

Water Features

Adding a water feature to your garden is a beautiful way to enhance your yard. Fortunately, a water feature is a beautiful option for those with limited space and limited funds or lots of space and plenty of funds. The next time you find yourself yearning for the peaceful serenity that water brings, consider one of these quick and easy projects to add some pizzazz to your décor.

KEEPING WATER CLEAN - Using 3% Grocery and Drugstore Hydrogen Peroxide: