Perennial Plant Sale 2020 Guidelines

Bella Vista Garden Club Plant Sale Guidelines. June 11,12,13, 2020

Welcome to the Bella Vista Garden Club Perennial Plant Sale. Please know that the guidelines we are setting

for this sale are meant to keep you - our shoppers - and our members as safe as possible during these unusual

times and to comply with State Guidelines.

Sale dates: Thursday through Saturday, June 11 through 13. Thurs, Friday, and Saturday from 8am-11am and

Friday also 4pm-7pm for those that can’t make the morning time slots. This sale is by appointment only.

Email no earlier than Thurs June 4 at 9am for your appointment.

Our sale will be held at Bella Vista Village Wastewater Plant, 380 Bella Vista Way (Hwy 71). GPS does not

usually work for this location. It is only accessible going south (about a mile from the Mo/Ark border). Look

for the brown sign on the west side of the highway that says Turf Care, Wastewater Plant, NWA Garden Co-op.

There will be colorful triangle flags attached to the sign. If you have problems locating the facility phone Joal

Miller @ 716-553-5283.

Payments are EXACT cash, check or PayPal. We will have envelopes for you to deposit your

payment into if you do not bring one with you. This is for the safety of us all.

A list of our available plants is posted on our website: and will be on our Facebook

page: Bella Vista Garden Club. You can also request a copy when you email for your appointment.

1. We ask that you do your best to maintain social distancing and that you wear a mask while you are

inside the gates of the facility.

2. Each appointment is for one person, for a total of 30 minutes. When you finish shopping, please pay

for your plants and take them home. You can schedule 2 appointments back to back to give you more

time if you think it is needed. We hope that by providing a list of available plants, you can make your

shopping list ahead of time and speed up the process.

3. If a family member or friend wants to come with you, that person needs to make his/her own separate

appointment for the same time as you. We must keep shoppers to a maximum of ten at one time.

4. You will be held at the entry gate, checked off the appointment list, and allowed to enter. If you arrive

early, you will not be admitted until your appointment time. If you are late, your appointment time

still ends at the scheduled time set.

5. The plants will be in the sand-beds. You will not be allowed to walk into the sand-beds, but we will

have members available to help you select plants and get them to your car.

6. Once you have selected all your plants and loaded them into your car, you will then drive to the

payment tent that will be near the exit gate. Plants will be $5 or $10. There the plants will be

counted, and your total will be given to you.

Again, only exact cash, check, or PayPal payments will be accepted.

Thank you for supporting your Bella Vista Garden Club by participating in our Annual Plant Sale. We know

that you all look forward to the plant sale each year and we all enjoy being able to share our plants with

the community to “Beautify Bella Vista”. These plants are mostly ones that have been divided from

gardens throughout Bella Vista and we know that they will thrive in our local conditions. The proceeds

from our plant sale go toward scholarships for Horticulture college students, who will carry on our love of

all plants and nature.