Fall Plant Sales

The Spring Plant Sale is the Clubs major fund raiser but the Fall sale contributes significantly too.

It is held in the parking lot of Allen's Grocery Store on Hwy 71 only when the Club Members have enough plants and bulbs to sell.

All profits are used for our scholarship fund and community projects.

This page has some information about past Fall plant sales. Information about more current sales can be found in the Club Buzz Section of the website.

2017 Fall Plant Sale

The Fall Plant Sale on October 7th was a huge success!

Wow! I am so proud of all my team who pulled off a successful Fall Plant Sale. Record Sales! Thank you so much for your contributions and your help.

Cathy Downard, Plant Sale Chairman

2016 Fall Plant Sale

Fabulous day yesterday, and we exceeded our expectations with funds coming in at over $1600. I want to really thank the huge group of folks who pitched in and helped out!

First of all DOROTHY SANDOVAL and CATHY DOWNARD are my 'go-to' peeps. So lucky for them that they live close to me on the East side and I can drop in and grab them without much notice :-) They have gotten use to me knocking on the door while saying 'I know you are in there'...OK, so sometimes I don't knock...

And I really want to thank Virginia Halman for going above and beyond as well as Tom Irwin, Pat Cibirka, Val Ellis, Lou Jasper, Janice Kennedy, Steve and Linda Rugan, Barb Templin, Nancy Bumgardner, Debbie Edmunds, Karen Welch and many others not forgotten just a bit of brain fade presently.

And a very special thanks to Lazette Cox and her husband for helping load and unload and bringing their own trailer! We had many BVGC members who contributed fabulous plants, bulbs and rhizomes, thank you for your hard work as well!

Tony, I know you are the Prez and do not expect many thank yous, but you are an inspiration to me and are ALWAYS there to help out physically and with encouraging words and guidance. You work so tirelessly and are a true leader.

Alycyn Culbertson

Plant milkweed and help Monarchs!

Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven't done a thing. You are just talking.

Wangari Maathai