2012 BVGC TV Programs

All programs are hosted by Geri Hoerner unless otherwise stated and include a specific topic along with upcoming gardening events and what to do in your garden for the month.

The January 2012 Program guest is Garry Lee, Benton County Master Gardener and Trail Guide and Museum Guide at Crystal Bridges.  Planning Your 2012 Garden is the theme and also the  Crystal Bridges trials and the landscaping project at the Bella Vista Library are discussed.  The "Meet the Masters" segment featuring Benton County Master Gardener, John Harris and his garden is shown.  Also discussed are the resources available at the Bella Vista Library and on line to plan changes or additions to make in the garden for 2012.  

The February 2012 Program guest is Lisa Pitman, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and owner of From the Ground Up Nursery in Bella Vista.  New Gardening Products and the new and different varieties of plants available at Lisa's nursery that you will not find at the big box stores and the organic line of fertilizer, pest and weed control also available are discussed.  Mary Lynn Jordan is featured in the "Meet the Masters"  segment. 

The March 2012 Program guest is Brian Grosnickle, owner of Village Garden and Landscape Company and fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club.  New Plants and Products is the theme.  New and unusual plant varieties now available on the market are discussed and changes being made in fertilizer products due to overuse of phosphate in the past is discussed. 

The April 2012 Program guest is Lou Jasper, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and Chairman of the BVGC Spring Plant Sale.  Spring Plant Sales that will be held  by BVGC, Compton Gardens and Bentonville Garden Club on May 5th are discussed.  The importance of using native plants in the garden is also discussed.  Several examples of blooming natives are shown.  Lou is also featured in the "Meet the Masters" segment and she was the Benton County Master Gardener of the Year in 2011.   

The May 2012 Program guest is Linda Neymeyer, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and Chairman of the 2012 Standard Flower Show.  Bella Vista Garden Club Flower Shows is the theme of the show.  Linda discusses the flower show coming up on June 8th and 9th and pictures of the last four BVGC Standard Flowers Shows that have won State, Regional and National Awards are shown. The June 2012 Program guest is Joyce Senn, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club.  Garden Art and Structures are discussed and pictures of various types of statuary, structures, water features and items found in various gardens are shown.  Joyce's garden was on the BVGC Garden Walk in 2011 and she uses unusual items and statuary to enhance spots in her garden.  

Due to scheduling conflicts, the July 2011 Program was repeated in July 2012. (We call it a summer re-run) 

The August 2012 Program guest is Dawn Denton, Benton County Master Gardener, owner of Gardening by You and Me and the author of children's books with a gardening theme.  Dawn discusses the concept of Designing Your Garden From the Inside Out with a power point program to illustrate this landscape design concept.  She also describes her three children's books that highlight various critters in the garden.  

The September 2012 Program guest is Alice Cunningham, President of the Ozark Hills Daylily Club.  Alice discusses the history of the Ozark Hills Daylily Club and its activities, including the propagation bed located at the Village Wastewater Company that provides daylilies that are sold to fund its scholarship program.  Pictures of club activities and many daylilies are shown.   

The October 2012 Program guest is Char Brunje, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club.  Char discusses Drought Tolerant Plants and a CD of photos of some of these plants are shown.  Many drought tolerant plants are shown on our website under Gardening Info.  Also a "Meet the Masters" segment features Dawn Denton. 

The November 2012 Program guest is Fran Zimmermann, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club.  Fran discusses Native Plants in Your Landscape and why she chose to concentrate on these plants when designing her garden.  A CD of photos of some native plants are shown and sources of native plants are discussed.  

The December 2012 Program guest is Brian Grosnickle, fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and owner of Village Garden & Landscape Company.  The program theme is Gardening for the Birds and we discuss ways to feed the birds with berry producing trees and shrubs with a CD of photos of some of these plants.  Also a recipe for a peanut butter suet was given as a different way to feed the birds by supplementing purchased bird seed along with options as to how to hold the suet for the birds.