Recycling can benefit your community and the environment.

Printer Cartridges

If you would like to recycle your empty printer cartridges with the club, we can get a credit toward needed office supplies like paper and ink cartridges. Just bring your empty cartridges (either black or color) to a BVGC club meeting. This is an easy and simple way to help offset club expenses! Since we started this program we have recycled 1,050 cartridges and received $2,318.47 in credits as of June 2020!

Worklife Rewards

Shop at Office Depot and give them the phone number of 479-855-0169 for the Worklife Rewards. The Club will get 5% back on paper, ink and copy services, 2% on everything else and $2 for each recycled cartridge (up to 10 per month) that can be used for our office supplies!!! Please don't forget to give them our number (479-855-0169) because we must make a purchase of at least $10 each month to receive our credits for the recycled cartridges. If you made a purchase and forget to give them your number, please call Geri Hoerner 855-0203 with your receipt information and she can get credit for your purchase that month.

1 gallon Plastic Pots

Take 1 gallon (only) to the Village Waste Water at 380 Bella Vista Way, Bella Vista, AR. Leave pots outside the greenhouse to the left after you pass through the gate.

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