Special Memberships

Life Memberships

The State Life Membership Program is one of the ways in which we may honor a dedicated member or other individual who has given outstanding service to the Bella Vista Garden Club.

Iola Elder (awarded 2017)

Mayor Peter Christie (awarded 2018)

Circle of Roses

The Circle of Roses was established by AFGC to honor those who have been Garden Club members for 25 years or more. The Club Member Roster on our Members Only website identifies current Circle of Roses Club Members in the Comments column on the far right. 

Circle of Roses Current Club members:

Beth Kastl (awarded 2023)

Cathy Wayson (awarded 2022)

Rose Ann Hofer (awarded 2021)

Lazette Cox (awarded 2020)

Delores De Biak (awarded 2020)

Geri Hoerner (awarded 2020)

Circle of Roses Past Club Members:

Edna Braker (awarded 2011)

Elaine Brubaker (awarded 2010)

Iola Elder - Charter Member (awarded 2010)

Betty Honn (awarded 2019)

Dotty Nelson (awarded 2010)

Norma Rauch (awarded 2019)

Betty Ream (awarded 2010)

Winnie Shanor (awarded 2014)

Lorene Terry (awarded 2010)

Beth Kastl - 2023

Dolores De Biak - 2020

Cathy Wayson - 2022

Geri Hoerner - 2020

Rose Ann Hofer - 2021

Lazette Cox - 2020

Circle of Roses Past Club Members Photos

Edna Braker - 2011

Elaine Brubaker - 2010

Iola Elder - 2010

Betty Honn - 2019

Dotty Nelson- 2010

Lorene Terry - 2010

Norma Rauch - 2019

Betty Ream - 2010

Winnie Shanor 2014