Gardening Basic Tips

Outstanding basic gardening tips courtesy of our friend Lou Jasper.

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  • None of these suggestions are written in stone. They are simply things that have worked for me (and many times it was hit and miss) over a 13 year period of gardening in Arkansas.

  • Mid February - Mid March: use a dormant oil spray on evergreens, fruit trees and shrubs. The brand doesn't matter. You only apply it once each year. I have always found it at Garden City.

  • Early Spring: This is when I fertilize daylilies. Brand doesn't matter, but use a 5-10-5 or a 5-10-10 combination.

  • End of March to first part of April: I have had no trouble with lace bugs on my azaleas since applying Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub. I love it. It is a systemic so you don't need a sprayer - just a watering can. The best part? You only apply it once each year.

  • Mid April: This is about the time I drag out the Bayer Rose and Flower Care. Again, it is a systemic so all you need is a watering can. However, this stuff is supposed to be applied every six weeks - Although it will also handle lace bugs, I like Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub better. My main reason for using this is to handle rust on day lily leaves and mildew on hybrid phlox. It also docs a pretty good job on black spot. Apply GrubEx.

  • When the hostas are about 5-6 inches high: Use Fertilome's Eliminate. The only places I have found this product are Perennials, Etc. on Highway 62 past Garfield and Bradford's on Highway 12. This stuff works!

  • Throughout the Growing Season: I walk around my yard with a spray can of Spectracide's Immunox Plus in my hand. If you don't have a multitude of rose bushes, this stuff is quick and easy for handling black spot and aphids on roses. This is also the time I treat the lawn to an application or two of Green Sweep's Weed and Feed. Just screw into the end of your hose and you're good to go. Put mosquito doughnuts in your bird bath, ornamental fountains, or any other place you have standing water

  • Transplanting: I transplant nothing without using High Yield Vitamin B. No "drooped over" plants the next day. If the plant is blooming, I cut off the bloom. I also cut off 1/3 of the root system.

  • End of Season: Soak the houseplants you set outside with Safer Insecticidal Soap before bringing them back into the house for the winter. Break off dead chrysanthemum stems to the ground. Cut bloom scapes on daylilies to within a few inches of the ground.